My Encounter With a Really Lame Con-Man

David Foyer

Meet David Foyer. He runs a “business” called Chef For An Evening where he offers “dinner shows” which he describes as “dinner & clean entertainment.” This man approached me while I was AT WORK in the local mall in Clarksville, TN. Like every other mall ever to exist in the universe, soliciting is against the rules. It makes people feel uncomfortable and is just generally frowned upon elsewhere as well. Being that my job involves interacting with customers, I have a pretty pleasant demeanor with the people who come up to me, especially while I’m on the clock, for obvious reasons. He offered me “free tickets” to his dinner show, basically explaining that it was just a thing he did for couples where he cooks and “entertains” for them. Since he used the phrase “free tickets,” I assumed this was something he normally charged for, and that was his business. As weird as it sounds, I was still nice to him and felt awkward enough to just say ok and give him my phone number. I figured the worst that would happen is he would call, and I wouldn’t answer, and that would be the end of that. It seemed like a small price to pay to get this creeper to go away without just being like “FUCK OFF OLD MAN.” Unfortunately, however, my choice to feign kindness to this stranger turned out to be a bad idea. He made several gross comments about how pretty I was and how being near attractive young girls made him “nervous.” The man is clearly older than time, so it pretty much disgusted me. I am one of those people that will just laugh things off and pretend to be normal if I think it will get someone to just leave me alone without a big huge confrontation. As feisty as I may seem, I really do try hard to avoid fighting and arguing with people in my day to day REAL life.

So a few days pass and I receive a phone call from a number I don’t recognize. I don’t answer, and they don’t leave a voice mail. About an hour later I get another call from a different number, with the same area code. I also don’t answer and they do not leave any messages. The next day the same thing happens, and it goes on for a couple weeks that way until I finally decide to call the number that has been most persistent, which is 931-503-0820. An old man answers and says “Chef’s, how can I help you?” or something like that. I realize right away that it’s the old man from the mall, so I hang up without responding. I just wanted to know who it was, I didn’t think that guy would STILL be trying to call me after never having any response at all. I immediately get a call back from a “BLOCKED” number, which I obviously don’t answer, assuming it’s the same man. I don’t know why he felt the need to block his number this time, but I guess it was because he chose to leave a voicemail and assumed I’m totally fucking retarded and wouldn’t put the most obvious things together, like the identical voice and the fact that he said “Chef’s” again in the voicemail. I upload the recording onto YouTube to share this insane, hostile message with the rest of the world.

After that, I decide to Google this guy and find out what the fuck his problem is. I discover this site which has a bunch of complaints from people all over the country bitching about Carico Healthy Lifestyles representatives. I don’t scroll too far before I find this one from Clarksville, mentioning David Foyer. I then go on to find this one and more and more all from Clarksville (or surrounding areas) complaining about David Foyer, all describing the same man that I had been approached by, and was now being harassed by on the phone. Evidently he is involved in this pyramid scheme business where he sells Carico cookware as well as tries to get other people to buy the kit so that they also can start selling, under him, and therefore making him profit more, for doing less. Now, shit like that is stupid as fuck, but who am I to judge how people want to try to make money? The issue here is not that this guy sells stupid shit to idiots, it’s that he lies and does it under false pretenses. He tricks people into going to his “dinner show” which is just him in his basement demonstrating pots and pans and then aggressively trying to get them to purchase the shit, at 3 times the markup value. I then do some research and find his listing on the Better Business Bureau website, where I also filed a formal complaint about him.

BBC Chef for an Evening

Low and behold, the two phone numbers listed there are the same numbers that had been calling me multiple times a day for the past 3 weeks. At this point I’m really frustrated, and decide to call him back and see if he will fess up to any of this shit. Not only does he refuse to be honest with me, but even after I let him know that the jig is up, he just makes up MORE LIES about some “other guy” on the internet who had been “claiming to be him,” whom he is currently in the process of suing. I recorded our conversation, and you can listen to it here. My favorite part is how he answers the phone saying his name is David, but then later in the conversation I ask for his name and it’s suddenly Mark. The man is a fucking sociopath. I hung up on him and he called back several times. I did not answer, but later on that night I got drunk alone in my room and thought it would be funny to call him and leave him this voicemail. Perhaps not the most mature decision I’ve made, but amusing nonetheless.

He proceeds to call me back several times the following morning. I don’t answer the first couple.. and then I finally decide to go ahead and see what this psycho creep could possibly have to say. I shit you not, he tries to get me to schedule to come in for the fucking “dinner show” again. I cannot believe what I’m hearing. He talks to me as if he never left me a crazy voice mail or got totally ousted for being a lame ass con man. It’s so ridiculous that I decide to start recording it mid-way through, in my bathroom, in pajamas, looking all Jewy & unwashed. It’s so absurd that I don’t even care about sharing how gross I look to the internet, because this shit is just too good.

He of course called back after I hung up on him. I didn’t answer him. I was too busy looking up his “business location” via the address provided in his BBB listing. He kept insisting that it wasn’t a house, and there was no basement, and it was some sort of establishment but he couldn’t exactly describe it, since there is NO FUCKING OTHER THING. Just to be sure, though, I wanted to look at the address on Google maps. Behold, ladies & gents, the location of his “business”:

3534 Teal Drive

Yeah so.. that’s a house, and it PROBABLY has a basement. A Hawaiin themed basement filled with a bunch of Carico cookware. You know what the saddest part of all this is? He has been doing this since 1975. Thanks to the fucking internet, however, people are able to know what this guy is really up to all with one little Google search. THIS VERY BLOG, in fact, will now show up when people Google DAVID FOYER from CLARKSVILLE, TN or CHEF FOR AN EVENING or CARICO HEALTHY LIFESTYLES. Congratulations, you pathetic excuse for a con artist.

Oh and he did leave me another voicemail, this time calling me “Linda,” which is my mother’s name, and I’m unsure how he even got that considering he knows my name and my name is associated with my YouTube videos.

I didn’t have the heart to call him back and inform him that the voicemail I left him in which I ask for “sexual tools” is actually already on YouTube, and I put it there.. myself. Also, who the fuck calls dildos, “sexual tools?” A little late to be modest, David. Remember when you told me how pretty I was? That made me feel like the opposite of what a dildo does.

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  1. And THATS why you da Mayor Britany !!!!
    Awesome job calling out that piece of shit con artist

  2. too effin funny! that guy is a RETARD! *no offense to the legitimately mentally handicapped, of course.

  3. I deliver pizzas in his neighborhood, so I could accidentally deliver a dump on his porch.

  4. That guy is gonna keep calling now, thinking that you’re playing hard-to-get. He probably likes his girls “Jewy and unwashed.” Good work on exposing him.

  5. WOW what a creeper to the tenth power! Good for you standing up for yourself. Never a dull moment with you is there B :)

  6. is this for real?

  7. He looks Gay? I don’t get it.

  8. Are you sure you’re not messing with the special needs old people here? Because that is wrong.

  9. No shit this guy has a hard life coming to him.

  10. My girlfriends and I just read this site wow we made drinks and laughed and laughed at this guy “chef” turd! Anyways great reporting girl you go get him!

  11. Hey Chef here! Just wanted to say who wants pot and pans :)

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  14. I don’t know aboot anyone else, but I think Jewy & unwashed is fuckin’ adorable ‘n’ shit!


  16. Best post, which everyone should be interested. Thank you.

  17. i used to live in clarksville. never liked it, and the lame con people running around doesn’t help :/ oh well

  18. Thank you so much for posting this. My husband and I just moved to Clarksville 2 weeks ago and we were having a quick lunch at Steak and Shake when this same man gave us the “Free tickets” to his dinner show. He talked to us for a large portion of our meal and complimented my husband on my looks several times. He called us the same night to book our dinner and we still had no clue what all of this was about. We got our packet in the mail today so I decided to google it and thank goodness I found your blog. Needless to say we will NOT be participating. Thanks for saving us!

    PS We laughed our asses off the whole time :) You have a great sense of humor!!

  19. Good job girl. make it your mission to expose this guy… it’s long over due and thanks to modern technology, looks like his days are numbered! I’ve seen scams like this all to often. What he didn’t tell you is that, yes there is a vacation, you only have a year to attend it and when you call the vacation place, they are booked for the year, so therefore there is NO vacation oh and if that’s not enough.. the air fair is not included and costs more than the vacation itself! WOW great deal Mr. David Foyer. Keep sayin his name so that google picks it up and when he’s googles it leads everyone back to this blog. The jig is up old con man, Britany caught yo azz.

  20. We recently stopped in Clarksville on our way to visit family in Missouri. While eating at Logan’s Roadhouse, David Foyer and his wife were eating at the table next to ours. He made several remarks on how cute our baby was, then made some jokes about beating kids with pipes and covering up the bruises. He eventually gave us his (home printed on an inkjet) brochure. I haven’t scanned it in yet, but I will this weekend. He also gave brochures to other people in the restaurant, none of whom looked interested.

    I read in one complaint online about how embarassed his wife seemed, and I got that impression from her at the restaurant as well. How sad.

    I wish I had gone and recorded his spiel. Someone should..

  21. Oh, apparently David Foyer is also *Pastor* David Foyer:

    Wonder if he’s trying to become the next millionaire televangelist..

  22. OMG – this guy came in the place I work today- he was so…. off that I started to google him. Then I found you! AHH Thank you- I’m soooo not going. He was creepy

  23. hahahahaha I LOVE it!!!!!! It is sooo amazing that you made everyone realize how much of a scam artist this man is, I unfortunately was one of the idiots that did get suckered into going to his “dinner show” thank god I didnt buy anything. I filed a complaint with consumer affairs about a year ago and just today I went to their site and realized he tried to defend him self against my complaint which of course all he did was lie, they posted that he doesnt have his show in his basement and that he lives in the country thats utter bullshit I have seen it with my own two eyes and its a f’n basement and he doesnt live in the country its a neighborhood. everything in his response to me was COMPLETE bull shit and lies, he knows he does wrong by people and so many people catch him in his scam but I am so happy you put up vidoes so everyone can actually hear him getting caught in the tangle of his own lies

  24. Thanks for the post, just got a call from him under the name Palms and Parrots. He explained to me that its a 4 story building where he and his wife are able to live on the top floor, it has a river and a waterfall and all that “good stuff”, even gave me directions from around the area I was coming from. He then said that he got my name from another couple that attended his “dinner show” and WOW his wife pulls 5 names and we (my husband and I) won. He then went on to say that he was looking for a “call girl” ooops I mean a phone girl (he really said call girl twice)and someone to help out with the dinners, and that if we were to round up other couples to come we would earn $400-500 in gift cards and the other couples would only be charged $.10 for the “dinner show”, he also gave me 3 riddles to slove and if I had them right I would earn $25 per correct riddle-they were all from the Bible. My fav one was that the couples had to be married, at least 21 and speak english..haha he told me about a couple that didnt speak english and it “wrecked” the….anyways soooooo glad I found this post…like my hubby says if its too good to be true its a scam!!!! I would just love to know how he got my number because I would really hope that if one of my friends did attend they wouldnt give out my information to a scammer!!!!!!

  25. My husband and I went to one of his dinner shows after registering at a restaurant for a drawing for a vacation. This man is definitely a con-man.. I actually wrote a review on the consumer affairs website, but for some reason it cut my paragraph off about half way through. Here was my encounter with the old creep…
    We drive up and it is a house.. I remember telling my husband “This is just a little creepy.” Well we get in the drive way and I remember him telling us that we will be going down the stairs by the driveway.. It was freezing out so his “waterfall” he was claimed, he said was dried up. Well we walk down about 5 steps and I was totally creeped out by this point and I told Ryan (My husband) that this was way weird and I wanted to leave.. I mean this how scary movies start.. A couple walking into a basement to never be seen again. So, we end up walking into the basement and David Foyer was in his “kitchen” cooking. He introduces himself and we do the same. He states that the other couple that reserved must not be coming. Looking back now, I dont think there was another couple. He goes on with these lame ass jokes and asks my husband “How’d you marry someone so pretty?” So that made me feel awkward. Well we were there for about 2 hours while he continues with his lame ass jokes and eventually he gets into the part where he is wanting us to buy his cookware, mainly his 3,000+ pots and pans. I told him that Ryan had just bought me a brand new set of stainless steel pots and pans for Christmas so I was not in need of anything futher. He said “Return them and buy mine.” That offended me, very badly. My response to him was that my husband took the time to pick them out and wrap them and give them to me for MY Christmas present. I would NEVER return them. I think he knew his statement was offensive. But still continued to make another offensive statement. He told my husband “Well I guess you want your wife to be unhealthy. That is fine with me, but at least I tried.” I could tell by the look in my husband’s eyes that this seriously offended him and it was taking everything in him to not jump over that counter and knock that old man senseless. He was still relentless. David Foyer was doing everything in his power to sell us something, anything. He brought out letters that prior “customers” had wrote to him in appreciation.. I noticed EVERY lettter had the EXACT same hand writing. So clearly he wrote the damn things. I thought this was hilarious. My husband and I asked to be alone and we talked about just buying the cheapest thing he offered and leaving because clearly this guy was not giving up. I got to the point where I told my husband that I felt like if we didnt buy something he was going to hold our fucking bodies ransom until he gets pay for that night. So we ended up buying just a cheese grater. He wasnt happy but I think as long as we bought something it was a “good” night for him. On our way home, without item in hand and knowing we had to see that man the next day to pick it up, I just started laughing my ass off in the car. Both of us were extremely creeped out by this man but thought it was hilarous how ridiculous and desperate he sounded. He claimed to be a huge Christian man but yet he lied so much to us that night. He said he has a cooking show in Nashville, which I have NEVER seen before. Just a con-artist at its finest!

    So the next day, I call his house and his wife answers. The poor old women sounded so ashame. She told us to come on over to pick up our item. When we got there, his wife was sitting in (Im guessing their day room) and wouldnt even look at us. David continued with his lame ass jokes and tried selling us more. When we finally left his house, I was glad that I would NEVER have to meet his ass again. I immediately got on google and searched him and found all kinds of information about him. I wish I had done it before hand. All the vacations he spoke of were a lie.. The “30,000 bucks” he spoke of was indeed 30,000 bucks, but fake bucks that if you agree to certain things, you can earn some to go toward your purchase. So definitely misinterpreted. I honestly don’t even know how he is still allowed to do this. It is sickening because I know so many people have fallen victim to his scams. I love the responses you did with him. They are hilarious. Unfortantely we met with him before you posted this, but hopefully this will help someone else from falling to his scam. I definitely agree that he is a sociopath.. He fits the profile so well. The pathological lying, the lack of guilt or remorse, the shallow emotions..I mean he meets all the critera. His name probably isnt even David Foyer and his wife probably knows nothing of this creeps background. He is just a strange individual that definitely needs help. We went back to the same restaurant that I had orginially put the thing in the box for the vaca.. This time I wrote him a little note that said “Rot in hell you scamming peice of garbage. Fuck you and your company.” So I wonder how he felt when he read that… :)

    • My friend was getting harrasing calls at this exact same time and the calls have yet to stop. Her husband told david foyer that he would report him a month ago. So last night my friend gets a random call from a woman named “renda” at 8 p.m. (which to me is too late for a social call). I called the woman back today using the name “ashley” and she claimed to be looking for my card…which doesn’t exist because my name is shelby. She continued to tell me about the place and their bs….she claimed a famous chef was working there and now i see the chef is david….this guy shows no signs of stopping his psycho actions….i just wonder if anyone has reported him….

    • When I very first got a call from this guy it was at my work because I had put a business card in a fish bowl. I will never do that again. This guy has been harassing me also and I keep canceling. I have been searching for stuff about this alleged “Pirates Cove” dinner show and could find nothing. I came up with the house for a google search and finally this blog. I thought the same thing, about it being the beginning of a horror film. We will not go on Wednesday, and I will tell him rather politely that if he continues to bother me I will call the police.

  26. We got a call from this guy tonight I’m pretty sure its from a contest I entered at a Chinese place I am going to tell them this weekend. I’m also reporting him to the police! It freaks me out knowing he knows where I Live thank god my husband and I had the Smarts to check it out. He wanted to see if it was a real place so we decided to drive past ofcource we couldn’t find it so I decided to look it up and found this freaking creep

  27. Omg the freak is harassing my husband

  28. hi, nice post. Pleas comment my web.

  29. Got a call tonight. They now go by “Palms & Parrots”. NO THANKS!

  30. I dont know who you are but you missy, are nothing short of amazing. Just by reading your blog I can tell alot of what your all about and I am here to say that you are part of a what I like to call a “dying breed”. Loved your whole post, your humor and your ….u know what fuck it im in a hurry/ your dope, u got issued a rare brain, i guess you are me if i was girl intellectually wise(prolly could of said that a million better ways…huh ill run with it) which has me intrigued by you. i want to see more of your postings to peer more into your psyche.(i have now decided this whole post is ridiculous prolly should start over but instead i shall play on my new direction and embrace it) i want to see your thoughts from times past transferred onto the digital abyss that is the internet so i can track them down and interrogate them on their awesomeness. we shall chat some day Lucy, it is important we link our mental mindframes and compare notes on our individual dominance over social circles we have experienced throughout life. We are part of group of humans that makes up about 1%(<–made that shit up but honestly its probably less) of the population. Our travels rarely stumble across another (thinking of a cool word for like a wanderer type or a strange transient gypsy , or some kind of fuckin outcast that has cool as abilities but you know what i mean) [insert what you came up with here] and we should exchange words of our travels, not to learn so much but to fuckin laugh at the silly shit thats going on and how we manipulated the situation to happen. And ……….done.

    my response was to say ur amazing and i had a run in with these fucktards last night. Assuming you read this and give a fuck and havent been turned off by my previous paragraph i wanted to say one of my vices is toying with humans and somehow i dont know what the fuck i did but they got my number and called me last night with a bullshit message about my name was drawn free whatever all iheard was "hi this is bullshit i need your money please fuck with me fore i am asking you to do it" and who am i to say no so i immediately called the number back this is after midnight mind you(think thats the first time i ever used that…that might mean im old) anyways i called the number went to voicemail and i left the exact same message witha different name saying the same bullshit exceot i was giving away 3 free gifts lol dont know why the 3 instead of 1 gift thing is funny to me but it is. then i get repeated blocked calls at 5fuckyouquitcallingme in the morning then a voicemail that is absolutely classic(maybe next ringtone) with all kinds of threats that this is going to my commander and someother uneducated jargon that is worthless at best and its coming from an equally worthless source but the anger that shines through the worthless propaganda is what fueled me to pursue this more. so today i have creating free text free accounts making fake reservations, one of them i was a wife whos husband just got a huge insurance injury settlement and we wanted to celebrate, then i sent a text a like it was meant for my husband telling him to not use that cookware anymore it was old and ill stop by target on the way home to get some gordon ramsey cookware. which mnade me a fuckin lead sent from heaven to this new call girl he has or whoever the fuck she is. shes garbage to me but im sure she has a circle of humans on her level she can relate with. i recorded a call i made to the main dude requesting reservations for 5. throwing an odd number as a curveball to see what he would do becasuse that would make it 2 couples plus 1 a big conny mc conpants no no in the creepsons household. he then said sorry we are booked meaning 5 wont do lemme try to reserve another night and single out the couples(<–ironic or oxymoron or…i dunno i just wrote "single out the couples" be amazed at the contrast… lets proceed) then i told him oh thats okk it is a celebration night we just finally got our huge settlement and were going out and splurging tonight and celebrating. its fuckin great if you listen to it how his whole mo changes and you can hear him "fake looking through reservation list" then "whisper counting" under his breath like hes switching and moving and trying to make this happen which to my huge surprise. he cCAN make it work. i guess he just had to run the numbers first but after adding 0+insane he came up with 5 spots available. anyways thought you might like to know i am fuckin his mental from all angles with no grease or reguard (<—wtf spelled wrong? how do you spell that then…squiggly red line of judgment) i will continue as long as it entertains me. if your interested maybe we can collab on some youtube classics with the help from him of course. i was thinking of a fake booking costumes and disguises with hidden cameras and just fuckin with him in the basement. i am extremly good at keeping character and playing with people. with a background story then an actual trip to the pyrimid of sociopath showing him in the true element while mind fucking him would be great. but then again who really gives a fuck this dudes not even a real person. mr cookware from palms and parrots if your reading this reserve me for 2 please and make it snappy im in a buying mood. Oh yeah i saw your wife and she is beautiful absolutely gorgeous!! which is amazing even after you stole her soul and sucked all the life out her she still kinda has a certain "yeah im a zombie but i used to be alive" sassy swag to her. At least i see it. im done 931 398 3380 is my palms n parrots line thanks text free im taking requests

  31. Holy Crap this guy won’t stop calling me and I live in freakin Dickson County. THANK you so much for the head’s up! I hope someone takes this guy down!!!

  32. oh yeah his crappy website is and his new phone number is 931-206-5508 this time he is David Powell or something like that! ARGH F this dude!

  33. I got con-ed into this crap as well. Went to his house. This guy is completely creepy. Watched all these videos. And this old mother f@%^er is wrong, only 1 person needs to know that they are being recorded, during a phone conversation. And that person can in fact be the person that is doing the recording. How do I know this? My lawyer advised me to do it when I was in a custody battle several years ago, hence…this is why i have custody now. This guy is a complete loser and needs to have his ass put on blast!!! Keep blogging you guys!!!

    As for Ms. Brittany, you are gorgeous!!

  34. This guy called me tonight and said he pulled my business card out of a “fishbowl” they have in which they do drawings for free “dinner shows”. He said the location was by Trenton Rd. and Tiny Town – by the Great Escape. I live very close to this area and never heard of any “Hawaian Restaurant” in the area. I declined the offer telling him I was going out of town and I would call him back to re-schedule upon my return. I asked his name and he said it was “Frank”. He called me from the 931-503-0820 number. I went on Google to do a reverse look up of the number to see if I could figure out where this “restaurant” was located and came across this page. EPIC! Now I’m just wondering where this guy got my business card from!? Thx for the page/info – this guy won’t be receiving a call back from me.

    • This just happened to me today! This guy is a CREEP!

  35. He stopped by my apartment two days ago and then left a “ticket for two” today. He’s going by the name Flamingos now.

  36. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading hahahaha.

  37. I really want to call this guy, and tell him to fuck off. He keeps calling my house asking my parents (Im 16) to go to “Flamingos” a resturant in his basement. Yeah, my mom and dad are really going to do that. Stop harrassing my family David!! >:(

  38. I’ve just got done registering a complaint wit the Middle Tennessee Better Business Bureau. In which I referenced this and several other sites that catalog his less than reputable sales tactics. In my complaint I also referenced all of the business names that are attached to Mr. Foyer. I hope to hear from them soon. If not I will be filing a Consumer Complaint on Monday as well. This guy needs help in all reality.

    He is a sad case. He has been caught in this Zig Zigggler style of sales crap for so long he has no grasp on reality.

    My night in hell was similar to all of the other claims. I will do my best to end the madness.

    However I do advise that if you go to this you carry a concealed weapon of some sort in case you decide to leave and have to ensure your family’s safety…….this dude is freaking nuts.

  39. I apologize for the “wit” spelling error. It should be with.

    • This man just called my house and claimed I had missed a reservation and he has my address and will be stopping by mt house tomorrow to submit me with a bill the only thing that will be submitted is my foot in his ass before 911 takes his ass into custody or my dog chews him like a toy. He has my husbands name wrong have have no clue how he got our phone # as it’s a unlisted # This man sounds like some type of molester he claims the chef has to be paid and is not happy for me not showing up I will be notifying the police in the morning on this weird ass man

  40. This same thing just happened to me. I run a small photography business in Clarksville and, like any other small business owner, I leave my business cards where I’m able to (i.e. places like “Cheeseburger Charlie’s,” where they have a local business wall) to advertise myself.

    I received a phone call day before yesterday from a number I didn’t recognize (the number you listed above). I didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize it. He left a voicemail that was almost incomprehensible. His voice was very muffled and breathy; creepy even. I could only make out that he had “found” my business card and that when I called I should ask for “Danny” or “David.” I assumed he was a client and that the phone conditions just weren’t up to par, so it made for a distorted voicemail. I’ve been busy for the past couple of days, so I wasn’t able to call him until this afternoon.

    When I called him, he explained to me that he had won a free “door prize” from a fishbowl drawing at Office Max a few weeks ago and had in turn, decided that he would do something similar for his own business, “The Flamingo Dinner and Show.”

    I told him that I couldn’t understand how my business card ended up in a fishbowl drawing, since I would never use that as a form of contact for a contest that I’d enter personally. He responded that I must have clients who think highly of me and placed the card in hoping I’d win. Okay, I’ll take that. So, I began questioning him on his business, how long he’d been running it, what it is, etc. and he explained that he used to run it out of the Sango side of town but had recently moved to the Tiny Town area. He also went on to detail his experience as a chef and said that he and his wife host a cooking television show on Nashville TV twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    He described the “establishment” as a personal take on Opry Mills’ “Rainforest Cafe” and he told me that I would need to make reservations right away, since he books quickly because of his cooking show. I attempted, several times, to end the conversation, but he was extremely persistent. He said that my husband and I “shouldn’t bring our children, since it is an adult event,” and that “we should plan to tell the other couples our most embarrassing moment” on the evening of the event. He said that a prize would be awarded to the person with the funniest story.

    He went on to say that all couples who have made reservations should show up promptly at 6:30 and that the show lasted until 9:15. I explained to him that I work weekends, typically and he asked me if I worked week nights. My schedule is flexible, so I told him that it depends on when clients book. He seemed almost desperate when he said, “If you cannot make it this weekend, I just had a last minute cancellation for Monday evening. You are more than welcome to take that table.” He further explained that if and when I booked, I would need to be sure to let him know if I cancelled since “the chef” would need enough notice not to prepare our meals.

    Before ending the conversation he made sure to tell me that he would love for my husband and I to spread the word about his business since it isn’t well known. The creepiest part? He told me that he and his wife were looking for someone to help him make reservations and to co-host their cooking show with him. I politely declined, telling him I stayed busy enough with my own agenda.

    When I finally got off of the phone with him, I had an uneasy, even sick feeling in my stomach. I called my husband immediately, explained the situation to him and then decided to ask some of my girlfriends, who have lived in the area longer, if they’d ever heard of such a “dinner and show.” None of them had ever heard whisper of the man, the establishment or any “dinner show” in Clarksville for that matter.

    I looked up his “website” (if you’d like to even call it that), and found a cheap immitation of what would be a restaurant website, complete with obviously stolen, professional photographs of gourmet style Hawaaian dishes, a menu, an overview of the company and cheesy pictures of him in Hawaaian garb. He has this disclaimer under the “Important info” tab:

    “This promotion is sponsored by Richard Hockenberry and Flamingos for the introduction of a healthier,more creative approach to cooking. No products are sold during this dinner. Flamingos is an independently owned and operated business.”

    After looking up the residence on Google Earth and putting two and two together, I decided that not only would I normally pass on eating out of someone’s home that I don’t know, but also that there’s no way I would even chance a “fun” night with this creep.

    Thankfully, I had a friend who was proactive enough to Google this guy for me and stumbled upon your site. I am so thankful that she did! I am beyond freaked out at this point. Since I spoke with him this afternoon, he’s called me an additional two times and left two more voicemails attempting to act as two separate people.

    It’s really quite disturbing and psychotic. I plan to let everyone know about this weirdo! Thank you so much for putting this out there!

  41. This is hilarious… This guy is still at it cuz he’s been callin me for like a month, I just now decided to look him up. People are crazy

  42. I just got a call from ole David Foyer today and I didn’t answer the call, so I called back and Same ole story me & my wife won some dinner tickets and said he only had 8 openings left and if I wanted the tables I needed to reserve them, I said I half to talk to my wife and I ended the phone call quick like, I got off the phone and said to myself it’s a scam. So went right to the internet and did a phone number look-up and Thank God I found this site! Great Info and now I’ll think I’ll do some reverse mind control telling him that I am with the Carico Cookware and Carico Water Filters and he needs to come to the corporate office in Fort Lauderdale, Fl that we need to have a talk. LOL. So glad I found this site after his first call.

  43. Ah, thank you SO MUCH for posting this. My husband got a call this afternoon saying that he his business card had been picked at a drawing and we’d won tickets to the dinner theater. Long story short, I was really skeptical when I mapped the address and saw a house. My search for further info led me here. Needless to say, we will be cancelling our “reservations.” WHEW!

  44. Hello, its good paragraph concerning media print, we all be aware of media is a fantastic source of data.

  45. David. Foyer got my number and told me I won a cruise heeds doing a pirate them this time he made rude comments all evening to a large gentlemen. And made sexual comments to the woman in the room mainly my sister inlaw he’s no chef the food was under cooked and he creepy looking like the cript Keeper

  46. Oh sweet, glad to see other people are creeped out by him. He’s got a drawing set up at Pinnacle Bowling Alley claiming to give you tickets to Disney World. But when he called me he invited me to dinner and entertainment at some sort of pirate restaurant. Except according to the internet, yes, he does “work” at a house. So I called him back to cancel, informing him that my wife wasn’t comfortable with the idea. He promptly insulted me and my wife and hung up on me.

    I let the bowling alley know about it, by the way, so hopefully their manager will take this drawing crap down.

    Also, he said his pastor gave him the idea for clean entertainment a few months ago. According to these comments, I’m thinking that’s a falsity.

    Stupid people are stupid.

  47. This guy is using a brochure titled “The Pirate’s” now and apparently he is going by the name “Captain Chefbeard” for his presentation. There is a map on the back with directions to his establishment, which is in a neighborhood. Pretty shady for a “dinner party” approach. When he approached me he used Christian pamphlets and readings, and a lot of flattery, but something told me “this is just not right.” I decided to do a little investigating on this guy and ran across your blog. Great job! So I decided to drop the latest news so no one gets duped into this unethical and possibly unsafe “business.” It seems he changes the name of his business quite a bit, for obvious reasons. I am so glad I was able to dig up info on this. Thanks!

  48. Hahaha he now says it’s a pirate evening. I remembered reading this last year. Lol

  49. I just got a call from him this morning. Such a scam! He got my number off my business card, which he got by putting his grubby little hand into a bowl at Longhorn’s in Clarksville where I had dropped my card to win something from them. So I think he used that opportunity to call me to get my address to send me some vouchers for this “dinner show” that he claimed was clean adult fun, that I would love and compare to Disney world….lol Anyway, after hanging up, doing a google search, I called him back at the number he called me on only to see that he had blocked that number. So I called from my other number where he answered “hello” then proceeded to act like he was a chef and worked for this Flamingo thing where he had only worked two weeks. I told him to drop it, I read about his scam… He then said “what scam? I’ve only been working here two weeks. Should I not be working here? Maybe I should read about this scam.” So I threatened him that I would call the police,( which I did and made a complaint….they were well aware). He’s sad and disgusting. I also made a call to Longhorn’s to find out if that’s where he got my info, since that’s the only place I have ever left my business card. I didn’t know if he got the info somewhere else or if he really did have my card. Turns out he stole my card and no telling how many other from Longhorns. they are now aware. CRAZY!

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